We are a refuge.

Together, we can change the face
of foster children.


There are 11,000 innocent children in Georgia’s foster care system, removed from their homes through no fault of their own.  

Separated from the only life they have known, they are scared, confused, and usually empty-handed.

But they are not alone because we are with them.

And we are transforming the path laid out before them.


    Bloom is a refuge where foster children can find safe, nurturing foster families with the training and support to help them heal, and free resources like clothing, school supplies, and toys so they can focus on thriving.

    We are honored to be the stewards of your gifts
    to Georgia’s foster children.

    Bloom is nationally recognized and accredited by the Council on Accreditation and proudly
    maintains an A+ rating from the Department of Human Services for excellence in program delivery.

    The Bloom Closet

    The Closet

    More than a resource center, The Bloom Closet is an uplifting shopping experience, restoring dignity and confidence to over 4,500 vulnerable foster children each year.

    >>Visit The Bloom Closet

    The Express

    The Bloom Closet Express travels to underserved communities throughout Georgia, bringing free resources to previously out of reach foster children.

    >> Learn About The Express


    The Bloom Closet and The Express rely on donations of new and gently-used children’s, youth’s, and teen’s items. You can help by making in-kind donations, organizing donation drives, or purchasing items from our Amazon Wish List.

    >> Items Needed

    Make An Appointment

    The Bloom Closet provides vital support to foster children and the families who care for them. The free shopping trips are available by appointment quarterly or after growth spurts. 

    >> Bloom Closet FAQ

    Call to schedule your trip.

    >> 770-461-7020

    Help change the face of foster children. 

    Foster Parent Program

    Bloom foster parents provide safe, nurturing homes and model healthy relationships for the children in their care.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    As a volunteer, your efforts have an immediate impact and help provide continuous support to foster children.

    The Bloom Garden

    A community of generous individuals like you, uniting to create a world where every child has a safe, nurturing family.

    The Bloom Garden provides the consistent support that ensures we can provide foster children what they need, when, and where they need it most.

    These reliable gifts help ensure:

    • Foster children have continuous access to the essentials they need.
    • We can plan for and address seasonal and emergency needs in The Bloom Closet’s inventory.
    • Underserved communities throughout Georgia have access to The Bloom Closet Express.
    “I considered fostering for years before I acted upon the desire. I honestly felt that as a single mom I would put the kids at a disadvantage by not offering them a full family dynamic. As I watched the news and was exposed to the real life stories of experiences others had in the foster care system, my thought process began to change. I realized how important simply having a safe place to heal and receive love was for anyone…even myself. This thought process opened my heart and mind to fostering as a single mom. I didn’t want to save the world or be an enforcer for change…. I simply wanted to be a safe place for them to heal.”



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