Although the McKenzie’s have a full house with six children of their own, this summer they opened their hearts to welcome two foster children –both boys, ages 5 and 6. Even though it was the McKenzie family’s first foster care placement, the entire family stepped in and wrapped their arms around the two boys and made sure they felt like part of the family. The foster children arrived at the McKenzie’s door step feeling frightened, anxious, and withdrawn because of their past experiences at home. They were both suffering from terrible nightmares. Over time, with the love and support from the McKenzie family, both boys have transformed into cheerful, outgoing children.

The boys’ horizons were widened this summer when they accompanied the McKenzie’s on their summer vacations. Neither child knew how to swim, so the McKenzie’s jumped right in and taught them! Over the last few months, the foster children have been able to experience a variety of other activities alongside the McKenzie’s biological children. The two foster boys love having so many other children around to play with!

In addition to being excellent caregivers, the McKenzie’s are very thorough and timely with submitting their monthly paperwork. While working as a team, the McKenzie’s make sure all of the boys’ academics, medical, and dental needs are met.

In just a short time, the two boys have blossoming into vibrant, enthusiastic, rambunctious children who are living a great life despite the cards they were dealt at a young age. The McKenzie’s consistently go above and beyond for the boys, and because of this, their lives have been forever changed.

“We wanted to foster so that we could be there for children who need a safe and loving home to welcome them. It is a wonderful way for us to give back and help others as a family. We opened our home to a set of siblings because we think it is important for them to have the connection and support they bring each other during this phase of their lives.”-The McKenzie’s

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