Having been foster parents with Bloom since November 2018, the Holbert’s have been a blessing to many foster children. They also take great pride in working with the children’s birth families to ensure that reunification is smooth and successful.

“The Holbert family has maintained 100% compliance with all Bloom and DFCS requirements,” comments Mason Hurst, Bloom’s Social Worker Supervisor. “Mrs. Holbert continues to ensure that all monthly documentation is submitted on time and that all the children’s medical and dental appointments are met.”

Despite personal challenges, The Holbert’s have demonstrated their commitment to the children in their care. Mrs. Holbert is a three-time cancer survivor yet her condition has never kept her from going above and beyond for the children. For example, Holbert’s did not have a car big enough to accommodate both their family and the large sibling group in their care, so Victoria and Broderick drove separate cars to transport the kids to school, church, and community outings for over 4 months until they could secure a larger vehicle. This isjust one example of their willingness to do whatever it takes to support the children in their care.

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