The Hayes family welcomed their first foster child in May of this year. Joshua and Kelly are fairly new foster parents and have already experienced many of the unexpected surprises and curveballs Bloom discusses in trainings. They have taken all negative circumstances in stride and have kept their focus on advocating, loving and caring for their foster child.


For example, Mrs. Hayes noticed red flags in a situation where her child was being treated as if he had many undiagnosed developmental delays simply because he is a FOSTER child. Mrs. Hayes advocated for the child time and time again in order to break the stigma that all foster children carry labels with them.


Not only has Joshua and Kelly kept Bloom informed about the child they are caring for, but they have remained in contact with their DFCS case manager to ensure that all parties are in one accord. They have sought medical care when needed and have even sat with their child during more than one surgical procedure since welcoming him into their home. Joshua and Kelly are hopeful for their child’s future and make decisions that enrich his life every day. They understand their role as foster parents and work to create a home of security and love for any child they foster.

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