Fostering not only benefits the children; sometimes it’s the foster families that are impacted the most by the entire experience. Lives are changed and families are created. As Bloom foster parents, Deborah and Mike have been on an amazing journey, and after lots of hard work and patience, their family has been blessed with a group of six foster siblings.

How did it all start? As the Deborah and Mike have demonstrated, love is often the driving factor to becoming a Bloom foster family.

“We had two sets of friends that had recently become foster parents,” comments Deborah. “So, one night I asked my husband if he would consider fostering. His response was ‘yes, in a heartbeat.’” Deborah immediately messaged her friends for more information about how to become certified. Both were Bloom foster parents.

“That was all I needed to hear,” Deborah says. “The following Tuesday, we had our first interview with Mrs. Shannon about becoming a Bloom foster family.”

After being certified, Deborah and Mike opened their home to a sibling group of three young boys. Months after taking the placement, they found out the boys’ mother had just given birth to a baby girl who was accepted into foster care. In an effort to keep the siblings together, Deborah and Mike immediately requested that the baby girl stay in their care to be with her brothers.

“While caring for the four children, we found out that there were two more older siblings,” Deborah comments. “We felt it was our God-given mission to ensure the siblings were allowed to visit one another.”

After several visitations, Deborah and Mike saw how much the children bonded with each other, and requested that the entire group of siblings be able to live under one roof – their roof. After a few months of patiently waiting and rigorous paperwork, the Deborah and Mike happily accepted all six children into their home.

How has life changed for the Deborah and Mike with all six kids?

“It’s chaotic. It’s messy. It’s loud. It’s crowded. It’s overabundant with love and hugs. It’s blessed. It’s full of awe. It’s enriched in ways we never imagined,” Deborah comments. “We have the support of our family, friends and our Bloom family, too. I believe that in life you never know how God will bless you, but we are extremely honored that we have been entrusted with the lives of six precious children.”


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