Every day, Afifa is helping foster children to succeed and re-build trust in others. Her role as a foster parent is marked by unconditional love and endless support. From partnership parenting to ensuring that each foster child has a birthday to remember, Afifa works tirelessly to create an environment where Bloom foster children feel valued.

One-hundred percent of the foster children who come into Bloom’s program are victims of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Afifa’s goal as a Bloom foster parent is to use her skills, patience, and training to help children overcome the trauma they have endured, and find a new path for the future. “I believe I’ve made difference in my foster children’s lives by being a stable, consistent, and trustworthy support system,” Afifa comments. “I encourage the children to develop confidence in themselves and be able to love again.”

How does Afifa ensure that the foster children in her care feel special? Birthday parties top the list. Most Bloom foster children—especially the younger ones— have never experienced a traditional birthday celebration. “Birthdays are heart-warming moment that our family shares with our foster children,” she comments. “We celebrate them and let them know that they are loved, cherished, appreciated, accepted, and worthy.”

What inspired Afifa to become a Bloom foster parent? “I became a foster parent because I have a passion for helping vulnerable children experience success in life,” she says. “I selected Bloom because they are extremely caring, supportive, knowledgeable regarding navigating the foster care system.”

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