Kayla and Jodie live in Senoia and are both educators. Jodie is the Coordinator for all PE and Health and Kayla is in her 9thyear as Assistant Principal. Kayla and Jodie have a love for people and animals, they have 4 dogs and a cat, and their love for people led them to foster a sibling group of 4. They have been fostering these children for about 2 years and they are the first placements that Kayla and Jodie ever had.

Kayla and Jodie learned about fostering through DKG, a sorority for women educations. Every month, DKG would do a project in the community to empower those around them. On one of these meetings, Bloom came and did a toy drive and someone talked about Bloom, then Kayla attended one of the Bloom events. Kayla and Jodie had been thinking about having kids and this just felt right, so they started taking classes the following week. Kayla and Jodie feel that Covid gave them a lot of opportunities for family time, they weren’t as rushed, and they got to spend more time together. Covid allowed for them to do more activities outside and play lots of games, it was a special time to connect. When the kids were in virtual school, the teachers did a good job of giving the kids hands-on learning activities that they could do as a family, which lead them to all be able to learn together as a family. The kids really enjoyed having this special time devoted to them, and not always being on the go.

Kayla and Jodie have seen their kids grow in confidence that they are smart and can learn. Kayla and Jodie love helping them find what they are passionate about and equipping them to develop an appreciation for learning. Especially during Covid, the kids have had opportunities to learn more than just school objects, they’ve been learning independent life skills, baking, and so much more. Kayla and Jodie are thankful to be able to foster their children during the pandemic, having their kids at home has given them an outlet to share their passion for teaching even more with their kids. They have learned that they are better when their family works together and they can always help each other through any hard time.

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