Involve Your Church

Bloom believes every foster child deserves loving, supportive and dedicated foster parents during this difficult time in their young lives. It is our hope and prayer that through partnering with local churches we can identify, train and support a network of loving and supportive foster parents.

Working together, we hope to educate congregations about the many ways to help Georgia’s 14,000 foster children. We seek to cultivate long-term relationships with church members who are willing to become Team Bloom foster families, as well as those who are able to support foster parents as part of a “Bloom Kinship Family.”

The Bloom Kinship Family simply means that each Team Bloom foster parent in your congregation will be surrounded by a support system made up of the following roles:

  • Prayer Partner
    Collaborate with foster parents to set up morning prayer calls and relay prayer requests.


  • Babysitter or Respite Care Provider:
    Provides childcare for family during trainings, trips, or other needed times.


  • Transporter:
    Assists in transporting foster child to appointments or visits as needed.


  • Mentor:
    Builds a strong relationship with the foster child through mentoring, tutoring, etc.


  • Family Meal Provider:
    Supplies meals for foster family when needed.


  • Special Projects:
    Creates Care Baskets, Mother Day Baskets, Foster Parent Gift Basket


  • Administrative Support

Are you interested in exploring how your church can make a lasting impact in the lives of foster youth? For additional questions, contact a Bloom Representative at FosterCareTeam@Bloomouryouth.org or call 770-460-6652.