Become A Partner

It takes a community of caring people to sustain our programs for foster children, and we welcome your support with open arms.  Whether you are organizing a Bloom Closet Volunteer Day or sponsoring a Foster Parent Appreciation event, your help is a vital part of our organization.

Civic & Community Partnership Opportunities

Are you willing to mobilize your group for specific volunteer or fundraising projects? Becoming a partner with Bloom means you will act as a liaison to your club, class or civic group. You will introduce Bloom, invite Bloom to come share our story and cause with your organization. We can supply a passionate speaker about Bloom and the impact we are having on the lives of children.  Or, we can provide you materials and stories to help you introduce Bloom.

What is most important is that we link with kindred spirits who share in our mission. We exist to give these children hope, to let them know someone cares, to lift them up, to allow them to become the best person they were meant to be. Join your group with ours.

Please contact us to discuss the latest opportunities.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

Our programs depend on the generosity of community members – both as volunteers and financial supporters. We routinely partner with businesses, groups, and individuals who are led to give back to foster youth in our community. Currently, we have several opportunities for business owners and their employees to engage with our cause and make a difference in the life of a foster child. If you are willing to explore a partnership with our organization, please contact Kristin Melton.

Employee Engagement Week

Employee engagement week provides the opportunity for your employees to be directly involved in Bloom’s mission of supporting foster children in Georgia. Bloom will partner with your business to raise the awareness of foster care needs in our state and in our own community. Throughout the week, Bloom will provide multiple ways for your employees to engage with our cause.

The three main initiatives include:

  • A company-wide clothing drive for The Bloom Closet
  • An educational lunch & learn for prospective Foster Parents
  • Scheduled sessions for employees to volunteer at The Bloom Closet

Christmas for the Foster Children

Each December, Bloom hosts a Christmas celebration for the foster families and children in our program. In addition to providing a direct, tangible way for members of our community to bring joy and excitement to children living in foster care, the party sets the stage for special memories to be made and family bonds to be strengthened. Corporate partners are needed to contribute financially to the cost of the party food. Additionally, Christmas gifts are needed for Bloom’s foster children to receive.

Foster Family Appreciation Picnic

In conjunction with National Foster Care month, Bloom hosts an annual Foster Family Appreciation Picnic for the foster families and children in our program. The annual appreciation picnic provides a way for the community to appreciate and celebrate Bloom’s fabulous foster families and the children in their care. By sponsoring the picnic, your company can help Bloom increase the retention of foster parents in our community. Corporate partners are needed to contribute financially to the cost of the picnic food.