Baseball Association’s Opening Day Activities Benefit Bloom

Fayette County baseball players swung into action for Bloom last May at the Kiwanis park in Fayetteville, GA. During the Opening Day Activities, The Little League Association’s baseball teams raised funds to benefit foster children in the community by hosting a Silent Auction. The amount raised was matched by the Fayette County Baseball Association, and in May, the Association’s Board Members presented Bloom with a donation of $7,310.

“The generosity shown by the team members and the association is truly admirable,” comments Hannah Bruce, Bloom’s Foster Care Recruitment and Retention Specialist. “Every member of the Fayette County Baseball Association demonstrated compassion and dedication to doing good for other people in the community.”

The Fayette County Baseball Association’s donation will be used to provide support, safe living conditions, and other essentials to foster children all over the state of Georgia. In addition, the event helped spread the word about Bloom’s programs and the growing need for foster parents in Georgia.

The baseball organization is truly a blessing to the community. Over the past 3 years, The Fayette County Baseball Association has collectively donated over $12,000 to local charities, and the organization continues to be an active contributor to the community.

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