As a new Bloom foster parent, Allison is eagerly waiting for a permanent placement and hopes to welcome a sibling group of foster children into her home. In the meantime, Allison has opened her heart and home to several foster children who needed respite care over the past few months. Despite the uncertainties caused by COVID-19, Allison has welcomed numerous children into her home and provided her fellow Bloom foster parents with a much-needed break. She is a true team player and tries her best to meet each foster child’s individual needs.


Allison has welcomed sibling groups of all kinds into her respite care, which has allowed the children to remain together even during their time away. Even when faced with issues such as verbal and physical aggression, defiance, and hyperactivity, Allison keeps a positive outlook and does everything she can to ensure each foster child feels safe and loved.


Since joining Bloom’s network of foster parents, Allison has pursued trainings and support groups in order to learn more about fostering and share her ideas with fellow foster parents. Thank you, Allison, for your amazing commitment to foster children and to the Bloom team! We can’t wait for you to geta permanent placement of your own!

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