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Will You Share Your Heart for the Holidays?

16 October 2014

Do your family ever find themselves entangled in the glitz and glamour of the holidays? Although it’s hard to resist the inevitable wave of Christmas consumerism (read: toys, toys, and more toys), now’s the perfect time to remind yourself and the ones you love that the holidays are all about giving to others and sharing joy, not just getting things! Where should you start, you might ask? At Bloom.  

Currently, Bloom has 17 children between the ages 4-17 in our foster care programs. Due to abuse, neglect, or circumstances out of their control, these boys and girls have found themselves displaced from their homes, families, and friends. Could you imagine being 10 years old and separated from your home and family during the holidays? After enduring so much hurt and grief during the course of their young lives, it’s easy to see why these children are quick to lose hope about their futures. When their classmates and friends are eagerly anticipating Christmas morning, our foster children often find themselves missing their families and struggling to re-adjust their expectations for the holidays.  

This year, you can provide a joyful experience for a specific foster child on Christmas morning. You can share this special gift by adopting one of our 17 foster children for the holidays. You can step in and be the answer to a child’s prayers. You can show our foster children that even though they are displaced from their families, they are indeed still loved! By adopting a child for Christmas, not only will your family have the chance to experience the joy that comes with selfless giving, but you will be warming the heart of another person in need.  

If you decide to share your family’s blessings with one of our foster children this year, you will be assigned a child and given his/her wish list for Christmas gifts. The gifts must be delivered to Bloom at 150 Marquis Dr., Fayetteville, GA 30214, by Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Please provide gift bags for the presets (do not deliver them wrapped). The gifts you provide are tax-deductible. For more information please contact Bloom’s Office Manager, June Parker. June can be reached at 770-460-7020 ext. 301, Monday-Friday, during the hours of 9:00am-5:00pm.  

If you are unable to adopt a child this year, please consider making a gift card donation to the children at our group home in Brooks, GA. Gift cards for special outings such as restaurants, movies, skating rink, etc. help us to make their holiday vacation a fun time filled with fellowship and memorable activities. Gift cards can be mailed or dropped off at Bloom’s main office at 150 Marquis Dr., Fayetteville, GA 30214.  

For more information about Bloom’s foster child programs, please visit www.bloomouryouth.org.  

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