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Prudent Parenting: Let Kids Be Kids!

12 October 2015

News from the Foster Care Program Director (Pamella Talley-Coney) 5704cc4e-4ecb-42ec-b4cf-13850d454957

When foster children are taken into state custody and placed into a foster home, their lives are changed dramatically. All of a sudden, the child finds him or herself in a completely new home with new foster parents and new rules. On top of that, could you imagine how it must feel to be told they can’t participate in typical childhood activities like sleepovers and field trips?

Well, we are glad to share that long gone are the days when a foster parent would need to request permission from the county DFCS worker for the foster child to participate in extracurricular activities or to go over to a neighbor’s house to play video games with a friend. October 1, 2015 marked a huge victory for foster children and foster parents not only here in the state of Georgia, but across the country!  The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, which was signed into Federal law on September 29, 2015, allows foster parents the freedom to make parenting decisions for their foster children as they would with their own children using reasonable and prudent parenting standards.

The new law provides more opportunities for foster children to maintain a sense of normalcy while placed in the state foster care system, meaning they can partake in normal activities.Overall, the act is expected to increase the bond between the foster parent and the foster child while dramatically decreasing the occurrence of placement instability and disruptions.

More information regarding the act can be found by accessing the following links:

Guide for States Implementing The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act

Video: Panel Discussion on Normalcy for Foster Youth at White House Convening

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