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Meet Foster Mom Karin Bono: 112 Kids and Counting!

01 July 2015

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a foster parent? Recently, foster mom (and friend of Bloom) Karin Bono was featured as the cover woman for Fayette Woman magazine. In amazing story, Karin opens up about what it means to be a foster parent — 112 times!

Reprinted from Fayette Woman Magazine, May 2015. Photos by Marie Thomas.

It’s mid-week and the Bono household is in full swing. A handful of kids are running through the door, having just stepped off the school bus, and 50 grocery bags are waiting in the car. Then the phone rings. It’s the Fayette County Department of Family and Children’s Services; Karin recognizes the number in an instant and answers. Without hesitation, she agrees to care for another child in need of a temporary home. She immediately springs into action, pulling out bins of clothing, towels, and toiletries, and re-arranging bedroom furniture. There’s always room for one more at the Bono household.

All children who have ever walked through the front door of the Bonos’ home know undoubtedly that they are loved beyond measure. Having opened her heart and home to 112 foster children over the past 11 years, Karin Bono and her family have proven once and for all that love is not a scarce resource – instead, it flows in abundance. Although she has gone through the foster parenting process more than a hundred times, Karin keeps a special place in her heart for each child. She has each foster child’s name written in a college-ruled notebook, along with their date of arrival, age, and gender. The list takes up five pages. More than 7,000 children statewide are in the foster care system, and just looking at Karin’s roster of names would likely bring you close to tears. Read more>

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