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What a God Send

01 October 2013

We had never discussed becoming a foster family.  But after hearing that there were 150 foster children in our community and less than 20 available foster homes, I felt a calling in my heart more clearly than ever before.

Becoming foster parents is one of the best decisions we could have made for our family.  When we took in our first child, our teenager was beginning to withdraw, spending a lot of time in her room alone. Having a baby in our home brought her out of seclusion and drew us closer together as a family.  Our younger daughter didn’t want children when she grew up.  Now she wants to adopt six!  They both do a tremendous job loving and caring for these children.  They realize how special they are in our lives.

The best part for everyone involved is that we have gained an extended family and a new family member.  Our first foster child went back to live with her father.  He asked us to be her godparents and she spends a lot of time with us.  Two years ago, we were asked by a mother to care for her infant son before he went to a foster home.  We were able to adopt him lovingly last Christmas.  Now my husband has a son and our girls a brother.

Even now after being a foster parent for four years, my heart still breaks for the children who do not have the safety, love and basic needs met by their family or guardians.  Foster parenting has been the most emotional experience I have ever had. 


Kristi Grace
Foster Parent

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