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Why I Became a Foster Parent

01 October 2013

My husband and I met through Big Brothers and Sisters of America.  We’ve always had a soft spot for children in need.  We have been married 21 years and have been blessed with three wonderful children.  We have always been very involved in our children’s lives by being active volunteers and giving good example.  Foster parenting couldn’t have been a more perfect inspiration. 

We wanted our children to experience and understand the importance of helping out those in need, especially children.  Our own children have a good life.  Being a foster family for a displaced child helps them realize how lucky they are and that they have a wonderful opportunity to give back.  This is our Christian mission.

These foster children we invited into our family did not get to pick their parents. But they did get us.  We give them love, stability and safety.  We show them what it means to be part of our family and our priorities of God, family and school.

It’s not always easy having additional children in our home.  But knowing that we have “Made a Difference” for a child’s life has blessed all of us.  It is so exciting to take them places, introduce them to new foods, see them so happy with smiling faces.  Letting them be children, that they desperately want to be.


Holly Grisamore
Foster Parent

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