The Bloom Closet

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When children are removed from their homes by the Department of Family And Children’s Services, they are heartbroken and at the lowest, most embarrassing moment of their lives. If that’s not low enough, nine out of ten of them come arrive at the foster care system with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They deserve to feel and look like all the child they can be.

Bloom gets to work on that immediately. That’s why The Bloom Closet was created. The Bloom Closet provides children living in foster care on the south side of metro Atlanta with free clothing, baby gear, books and school supplies. Items are either new or gently used. The environment is that of a fun shopping store. Not a thrift store. Our mission is to make foster children feel special. Because they are.

The Bloom Closet is open by appointment only. Visits are scheduled on a quarterly basis or after a growth spurt. The clothes and supplies are free. The feeling in the children and parents is priceless.

If you are a foster parent and would like to schedule an appointment to visit The Bloom Closet, call 770-461-7020.