Executive Office Staff

Becky Davenport, Executive Director, b.davenport@bloomouryouth.org

Pam Talley-ConeyDirector of Program Services, p.talley-coney@bloomouryouth.org

Kristin Melton (not pictured) Marketing & Development Director, k.melton@bloomouryouth.org

Nancy Connerat, Office Manager, n.connerat@bloomouryouth.org

Tina Flowers, Social Worker, Team Bloom Foster Parenting, t.flowers@bloomouryouth.org

Yolanda White, Social Worker, Team Bloom Foster Parenting, y.white@bloomouryouth.org

Mallory Madden, Social Worker, m.madden@bloomouryouth.org

Shannon Hoy, Licensing Specialist, s.hoy@bloomouryouth.org

Hannah BruceRecruitment and Retention Specialist, h.bruce@bloomouryouth.org

Alisha Provence, Bloom Closet Store Manager, a.provence@bloomouryouth.org

Erika Mims, Bloom Closet Donations Manager, e.mims@bloomouryouth.org

Stacy Taylor, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator, s.taylor@bloomouryouth.org

Abby Norton, Administrative Assistant, a.norton@bloomouryouth.org